Friday, April 3, 2009

Progress is happening!

It is now week 8 for me in my out-season plan. (Although, I just figured out that I was repeating week #6 several times---Yeah, I thought it was a little weird that my workouts weren't progressing. Oh well).

Even though I was going around in circles repeating week #6 (I guess I kept forgetting to flip the page on my plan) I do have something to say about progress! Here are my results from my bike tests:

Week 1:
Weight 147 lbs
Distance 13.72 miles
Time 42 minutes
Speed 19.6 mph
LTHR 166 bpm
FTP 177 watts
W/kg 2.6

Week 4:
Weight 146 lbs
Distance 14 miles
Time 42 minutes
Speed 20.0 mph
LTHR 165 bpm
FTP 190 watts
W/kg 2.9

Week 8:
Weight 145 lbs
Distance 15.8 miles
Time 42 minutes
Speed 22.6* mph
LTHR 168 bpm
FTP 202** watts
W/kg 3.1

*15.3% increase in speed from week 1
**14% increase in power/watts from week 1

Warm-up: 10-15 minute easy spin including 3 x 30" spin ups and 3x 2 minutes in zone 3.
Test: Cycle hard for 20 minutes, rest for 2 minutes (easy spin), and cycle hard again for 20 minutes. (test times include rest time).

LTHR: (Avg Heart Rate)
FTP: (Power--Watts)
W/kg (watts per kilogram -weight)

It's cool to see those numbers improving! Yeah!

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WADDLER26.2 said...

Great job! Look at those numbers!