Sunday, August 23, 2009

Put me in coach...I'm ready to play...TODAY..

Flashback: It was the spring of 1988, my senior year in high school. Gripping the steel wired fence, I gazed longingly at the pristine softball diamond and all my teammates running on the field to play the last game of the season. We were out of the running for any sort of title but nonetheless, this was a special game. It was, for us seniors, our last game playing together as a team full of Viking pride. Unfortunately for me, I was benched because of doctor's orders. I was to sit out for the "rest of the season".

A week and half earlier, I was playing one of my favorite positions, left field. A routine line drive was hit by the opposing team in between left and center field. It was one of those balls that neither I nor the center fielder could catch on the fly. So we both let the ball bounce with the intention of scooping the ball up as a grounder. Our communications must have failed; we both charged to field the ball. Then it happened, our heads clanged together. I immediately fell to the ground while the center fielder finished the play. I convinced the coach I was fine. She allowed me to continue. The next play later, a ball was hit out to me and I was having trouble seeing it. I was blacking out and seeing stars. I called time and asked to be taken out of the game. A mild concussion was the diagnosis and hence the strict orders to "sit out" for the rest of the season.

Once again, it feels like I've been benched and missing out on something special. I was to ride with Waddler today and ride a full century. A goal I have yet to accomplish. Quite honestly, I'm feeling down and out today because I wasn't able to ride and hit my 100 mile milestone. It was a gorgeous beautiful day with no wind and I was "sitting on the bench ready to play" or shall I say ride. It wasn't a concussion but digestive problems that have me sidelined me this time. I also have a case of the hives to boot. The entire week I have been having "issues", no need to go into detail...just trust me, it hasn't been good. I was prescribed some medication to relieve me of some discomfort which then led to the case of hives. It's been a rough week for me physically and mentally. I sooooooo want to be riding and working towards my goal.

Here's to hoping that I can get back on track with my training. I guess my 100 miler will have to be another day.


IronSnoopy said...

Oh you have many centuries in you. Take care of yourself first so you can play hard!

Hope the docs have figured out your medicine. Sounds like you feel great today.

WADDLER26.2 said...

The are other 100s out there. I did miss having you at my side. It's hard to have great conversation when it's only one-sided.

ShirleyPerly said...

Still plenty of time left to train for B2B. Hope you feel better soon so you can get back out there.

PS - Found your blog via Waddler's. I'll be at the race too!