Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lemons are now Lemonade

Ahhhhh.....warmth. No, I'm not talking about the -10° outside, I'm talking about the 65° it is in my house right now. After a new inducer motor was installed and a hefty bill from the HVAC guy, I have heat! Hallelujah! I got to say it is worth every penny right now. All kidding aside, I am very grateful for not only having heat in my house but I am also very grateful for being able to afford the bill. Sure it hurt a little, but I can still make ends meet. I am thankful.

More good news. I am down about a pound and a half from my last weigh in. I've got to keep that ball in motion (downward, that is).

And, Sharkie is fixed. I took Sharkie's back tire to the bike store where they replaced the tube. I got it home and then panicked for a few seconds. As silly as this sounds, I have had very few instances where I've actually installed my back tire on to my bike. What if I screw up the chain and the gears? Truth be told, I would have taken help in a nano-second. But then, the pratical side of me thought "it's a fricken tire installation--how simple". I pretended I was in a race and told myself not to panic. I fumbled for a few minutes and reassured myself that I could indeed do this. Sure, I had ended up with greasy fingers but it really was a non-issue. I did it and Sharkie is back up and running. Note to self: I've really got to learn how to do basic mechanics on my bike.

So, all in all a rough start to the week but it's getting better. (Although I can't really say that about the weather---did I say it was -10° with a wind chill of -34°)?

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Calyx Meredith said...

I hear you on needing more basic bike mechanic practice! Glad you have heat again. Don't let that lemonade freeze. ;D