Monday, June 8, 2009

Outseason Complete and R&R Time

My 16 week Outseason training is done as of last week. Here are my final numbers:

Bike (42 minute Time Trial which includes 2 minute recovery at the 20 minute mark)

Week 1:

Weight: 147 lbs
Distance: 13.72 miles
Speed: 19.6 mph
LTHR: 166 bpm (Lactate Threshold Heart Rate)
FTP: 177 watts (power)

Week 16:

Weight: 144 lbs
Distance: 16.96 miles
Speed: 24.2 mph
LTHR: 160 bpm (Lactate Threshold Heart Rate--Avg HR during test)
FTP: 225 watts (power)


Week 1
Weight: 147 lbs
Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 33:10
Pace: 10:42/mile
LTHR: 174 bpm
vdot: 27

Week 16
Weight: 144 lbs
Distance: 6.2 miles
Time: 1:06:40
Pace: 10:45/mile
LTHR: 169 bpm
vdot: 28

Well, got to say, that I'm very happy with my bike numbers and not so much with my running numbers. I'm showing a 19% improvement on bike speed and a 21% increase on power. That's not too shabby! My numbers on the run (regarding pace) are not showing much improvement at all but there is one significant improvement I see with the run. My heart rate is lower on average. My first week's run, I averaged 174 bpm for 3.1 miles. It's tough to run with a high heart rate... it isn't real pleasant and it's something I been struggling to control (if there is even a way to control it). At week 16, I ran 6.2 miles with an average heart rate of 169 bpm. To me, lowering my HR by 5 beats is a good start. I want to see this number keep going down to a more comfortable level.

So far the EN plan is working for me. I've completed the 16 week Outseason plan and now I get to have a little R&R (no structured plan) for another week. I've been swimming a bit at the Naperville Centennial Beach (man-made beach) in preparation for the Women's Naperville Sprint this Sunday. The water has been in the mid-60's --can you say "frigid". Whew! I've been doing my best to brave the cold water temps; I really don't want to fuss with a wetsuit for a sprint distance tri.

Tonight, I might just go for an easy 30-40 min run or do an easy spin on my bike. Not sure yet, that's what's nice about a rest week. I'm looking forward to the Sprint this's a great race to start the season.

This past weekend, I did nothing as far as running or biking. I was on vacation from training. Ed, Kate, and I went to Cincinnati to see the Cubs play the Reds. Unfortunately, I ended up in the first aid office at the Great American Ball Park; I got hit with another killer migraine. Ughhh! I'm not sure what is worse, the excruciating headache or the nauseating stomach. Put them together and they make for a killer team. I didn't let the combo ruin my day, however. Luckily the Advil and the Cherry Coke kicked in by the 5th or 6th inning and I was free from my misery and enjoyed the rest of the 11 inning game.

A little side note: While I was lying down in the first aid office, ice pack on my head, white as a ghost, hovering over a waste can, crying and making sounds like a dying cat, a little boy came in with a toothache. He was crying too. He looked over at me with wide eyes and all of the sudden, his pain seemed to disappear. He stopped crying, took some Children's Tylenol and wanted to get the heck out of there. Two more adults came in with bad "headaches"; they looked at me and said "Wow....I guess it could be worse"...and wished me well even though I was a Cubs fan.

Sunday, Ed, Kate and I explored Cincinnati on a Ducks (water/land) tour. We were given little yellow bills that quacked when you blew into them. We quacked on the Ohio river and quacked to the song of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" when we went by the Stadium. (Sorry, no pics).
Later we enjoyed a nice seafood lunch on the Kentucky side of the river. It was a nice little "getaway". I'm going to enjoy the rest of this week...there won't be much "vacation time" on the horizon.


Endurance Nation said...

Great job on the training! Two thoughts on the run training thing:

1) you are comparing 5k test to 10k test, so not as direct. I bet you'd've seen a bit more improvement on the vDOT.

2) It's hard to grow the bike and the run simultaneously. Your run will come this season.

Now enjoy that downtime!


IronSnoopy said...

Awesome job, Ronda!!! Those results are excellent!