Saturday, July 11, 2009

Open Water Swim Race-Crystal Lake

What a good training day today! My alarm went off way too early for me this morning. Who gets out of a nice cozy bed at 4:30 am to go swimming? Crazy triathletes!

I met up with all the other crazies this morning at LifeTime Fitness...I believe there were nine of us. We packed in cars and drove up to Crystal Lake IL for the Open Water Swim Race (1 mile or 2 mile options). The weather was great and the perfect temperature. Everyone, and I mean everyone, in our group had a really good swim. We all had our little stories to tell afterwards (e.g. bad sighting, zig zag swimming, and annoying swimmers). Waddler made it under her time goal with confidence to boot; IronSnoopy and Moose swam like they never missed a beat (after having a "break" from their Ironman races); Dan and Kurt confirmed that they did indeed could handle a 2+ mile swim (ready for Ironman FL and WI); and I just wanted to feel relaxed and comfortable with a 1 mile open water swim... and I was. I just wanted to get r' done.

Afterwards, we all had a "cook-out" with some good eats. It was nice to sit around and just chit chat but training stories and other things that make us laugh. There were smiles all around. It was a good day.

I decided to get in a 3 hour ride today as well. It was a little windy but I pushed out 49 miles despite an annoying tingling and numbing feeling in my toes and feet for the last 15 miles. What's that all about? Any one have any theories on this? I've heard that bike fit can have something to do with it but I haven't changed anything on the bike to change my fit??? Well, anyway I finished with a very slow 3 mile run.

It was a good day.

Splashing, Pedaling, Panting (oh, er... I meant Dashing)!

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WADDLER26.2 said...

It was an awesome day yesterday and you rocked the swim!! Needs to be on the 2010 calendar.