Thursday, October 29, 2009

And a Round, and a Round, We Go!

Just when I thought I had things, and when I say "things" I mean my iron level, all figured out, I'm back to square one again.  The past few days haven't been very pleasant for me.  I have been experiencing all the wonderful symptoms I had months ago which include and are in no particular order:  high heart rate during cardio exercise, leg cramps, migraine, chest discomfort/pain, and fatigue.  I'm trying to keep myself from not freaking about this.  This is not good news at all, particularly when my full distance race is in mere days! 

I called my doctor's office to obtain a doctor's order for another blood test for my iron levels.  Instead, of giving me the order, the doctor wanted to see me again. I scheduled the appointment for the first available appointment which was Tuesday afternoon.  It turned out to be a very frustrating visit with my doctor.  I informed the doctor of my symptoms.  I told her about an article I had found on the website regarding iron and athletes.  Something I didn't know nor did my doctor, is that you can lose iron through sweat and in addition, aspirin and ibuprofen can inhibit the absorption of iron.  She scanned the article, and asked me about my over-the-counter use (which the answer is "very rarely).

Doc: "I want to listen to your heart and lungs.  (she listens) ...ok, they sound fine."

As she pulls out a gown, she tells me she wants to have an EKG done...a what?  She starts explaining what it is and what it involves. 

Me: "Yes, I know.  I've had one done months ago."
Doc: "Oh?  Here, at the office?"
Me: "Yes"
Doc: She looks at chart, "Yes, you did. Sorry didn't see it, the file was in the wrong spot."

Doc:  "We may have to do a stress test and a echocardiogram."
Me: "I've already had those done by a cardiologist.  My heart is healthy"
Doc: "Oh, ok. How's your stomach? Any issues?"
Me: "No, my stomach is fine.  I've had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. Everything is normal."
Doc: "Oh, well I guess we already ruled out the obvious factors."

Me thinking....yes, we have.  Would you please look at my damn chart!

Me:  "My heart and everything else is fine, I believe my iron levels are low again."
Doc: "I believe you are right.  We should get you on some iron supplements"
Me: "I'm already taking them."
Doc: "You are? How much?"
Me: "One to two pills a day"...just like you told me I should do.

Doc: "Looks like we should do an iron test again."
Me thinking ....that's what I asked for in the first place.

Can you say "frustrating"?  Now I don't expect for the doctor to remember everything about me and my medical issues but for crying out my chart before entering the exam room.  Holy crap, lady!

I got my order for the iron test. She also decided to test my Vitamin D and a thyroid levels.  What the hell, why not!  And why not scan my brain while you're at it!

And now I (impatiently) await  for my results and doing my best to keep calm, cool and collected.  Did you know my race is only 8 days away?


ShirleyPerly said...

Egads, I'm frustrated just reading about your doc experience!! I hope they can figure out what's going on pronto.

BTW, please go to the B2B triathletes blog ( I'm trying to organize a blogger meet-up since I've not yet heard of one.

Calyx Meredith said...

Oh man! I hope you heard exactly the right news and have it all smoothed out. Travel safe, have a great race, and I hope to get to meet you and Waddler sometime this weekend! Peace.