Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A cold, a migraine, and a turkey....

No it's not the beginning of a joke....but it sure sounds like it could be. Last Thursday or maybe it was Tuesday of last week; yeah it was Tuesday. Ok, so last Tuesday, I met up with my boyfriend, Ed, ( I need a nickname for him) for a quick dinner at Panera. I was feeling a sore throat coming on so I ordered a bowl of soup and a hot tea. I love Panera;it's got to be one of my favorite "fast food" places. In any case, we had a good chat and dinner and parted our separate way for the night.

Thursday, Ed came over to watch some tv. Again, I wasn't feeling so great from my "cold". It was dinner time and we were both hungry...and I was craving more hot tea. I opened up my cabinet to discover nearly a whole box of tea in my cabinet, but it was a flavor I didn't care for. My sweet Ed jumped in the car and drove to the nearest grocery store for a tea flavor that was more suitable to my palate; in addition, he brought me back a bowl of Potbelly chili with a Sheila's Dream Bar....YUMMMM! What a guy!

While Ed worked most of the weekend, I attempted to find something to wear for my 20th year HS Reunion (this Saturday). 5 hours later---no luck. I just don't get some of these fashions today (sorry not into ruffles or moo moo dresses). I just wanted something simple, and classy. Is that too hard to ask for? Anyway, the one thing I did accomplish was buying all my fixin's for Thanksgiving dinner.

Last night, I chopped and diced and prepared a few items in advance for Turkey day. Today, I got out of bed hacking up all sorts of gross and unmentionable stuff--yep, still got the cold. Went to work and had to call it quits by about 2:30ish. I felt a headache coming on. Ok, so most people would scoff that I took off early for just a headache...but here is the thing, I just don't get headaches; 9 out of 10 times it becomes a migraine. Plus in my defense, it was slow and more importantly I'm my own boss; I can do it.

I jumped in my car and headed home (a whole 8 minutes of travel time--no I'm not kidding). As soon as I got home I jumped into bed forgetting to take any Excedrin migraine pills. I called Ed and told him of my predicament. He knew what to expect and said he would be over in 45 minutes. By the time he arrived, I was on my way to migraine status. He retrieved my pills and some water for me to down. He then retreated to the other room to give me some peace and quiet and promised to check in on me in another 45 minutes.

My head was throbbing and I was feeling nauseated....HELLO MIGRAINE! Ed came into my bedroom just in time to see me throwing the covers off myself as I was breathing rapidly and sweating profusely. He quickly ran into the bathroom, wet a towel with cold water, came back with it and placed it on my throbbing forehead. As he kept replacing the towels with new ones, he was coaching me to "breathe through it". Although, easier said than done, it helped tremendously. Wave #1 passed and I laid my aching head back down on my pillow. Again, Ed retreated to leave me in peace and said he would be back.

Who knows how many minutes later but Wave #2 hit and more viscous than the first. Ed was there again with cold towels in hand and a waste basket in the other and calmly telling me to breathe through it. I did. I laid my head back down and said ok this one has passed. I think I fell asleep at that point. Woke up, maybe an hour later?

Ed was watching tv down stairs with the volume so low as to not to disturb me; in fact, I don't think a mouse could have heard it. I was feeling better and hungry... a good sign. He was famished. With the pain nearly gone, I started to worry about picking up the turkey that was reserved for me. Ed gave me a big hug and said, "Sweetie, let's worry about you first, we'll get the turkey later." So he ran out to Panera for dinner for us and came back with soup and 1/2 sandwich for me. Ahhh that hit the spot.

With full bellies we watched Boston Legal (from Monday night). That was a funny episode--what a dysfunctional Turkey dinner. Not sure I would have survived that. (Basically, if you don't watch the show...just imagine a group of lawyers who love to hear themselves talk and give their opinion about the most controversial topics sitting down for what is suppose to be a "nice" turkey dinner.)

We then took off to Whole Foods to pick up my awaiting turkey. A 15.9 pounder! It's now sitting in my fridge cleaned and ready to be brined and bagged in the a.m.

So there it is a cold, a migraine and a turkey....if it weren't for my Eddie, things would have been a lot rougher this week. I am thankful for having such a wonderful guy in my life.


Mommymeepa said...

Ed, you are wonderful. I suffer from headaches and my hubby comes to my rescue all the time. Unless you get migraines you just don't get it. Glad to hear your feeling better.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Glad Ed was there!! He is a keeper!

Take care of yourself---training is ready to begin!