Monday, November 17, 2008

The fog has lifted...

After my last post, I dedicated this last week to clearing my head and coming up with an off-season plan for myself. The question was...what do I do for the next 12 weeks before my official out-season plan begins (not to be confused with the off-season). I tried to listened to my fellow tri-friends and I even received a video answer from my EN coach. But somehow, my mind was still foggy and confused; I didn't think anyone one was really getting to the bottom line. But it turns out I don't think I was listening; I was hearing what everyone was telling me but I wasn't listening.

The problems are this... 1) It's been so0000 frickin long since I "trained"for anything. 2) Many triathletes are starting their race plans now or very soon--their races are scheduled earlier in the year (June-Aug). 3) I've been feeling like an absolute bum with no clear direction on how much to exercise, or what to focus on (bike, run, swim, strength, flexibility, drills??).

After watching the video answer Coach Rich (Endurance Nation) prepared for me, I was left bewildered. Ok....I realized that starting too soon with the hard training regiments was not a good idea but still no on one was helping me with "What do I do for the next 12 weeks." As I sat there pondering the thought, my boyfriend asked what was wrong. I explained and he said with a simple but yet very logical answer, "Why don't you just do what you normally do for exercise before you started training for triathlons." Hmmm. I shrugged and thought "maybe". At this point, it still did not sink in.

Last night I had dinner with Waddler. We talked of we always do. I asked her again..."What do I do for 12 weeks?" She gave me some suggestions. Slowly but surely, it was starting to sink in.

I went home and drafted up a plan...I decided to throw in a "pinch" of this and a dash of "that" and wouldn't you know it, I came up with my game plan. I was over complicating things way too much. Do you remember that old saying...KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid! Basically, everyone was telling me not to over train now (the hard stuff will come later) and just focus on becoming more fit, more efficient, and to enjoy this time off from an "official training" regiment.

So with that said, here it is:

Monday: W1-Walk/Run Intervals W2- Swim Drills
Tuesday: Hard Bike (Intervals) or Spin class
Wednesday: Run
Thursday: Strength and Core Training
Friday: Off or yoga
Saturday: Long Bike
Sunday: Whatever I feel like doing.

I haven't put specific times on to any of the activities, I'm hoping that will work itself out along the way. This plan is certainly not set in we'll see how it works out.

...splashing, pedaling, dashing through the next 12 off-season weeks.

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amybee said...

Enjoy the base building, TriSharkie. There will be plenty of time for the speed/hill/track/interval and long distances during your 2009 training season.